Silky Bacon Carbonara 

Making this was something of a whim as a recent email I got from Bon Appetite included a post on how to make carbonara the “right way”. As in, not ending up with scrambled eggs with your pasta. I had been looking for something to make for dinner over the weekend and I had everything to make this so I went for it. It was a good decision. You can read the post here. The recipe is at the very end. I followed it exactly with one exception. 

The exception was the amount of pasta I used. Given that over the weekend it was just me and the two girls AND we were all leaving town for vacation soon after, making a full pound of pasta was going to mean leftovers that may not get eaten. Plus, we only make a half pound of pasta when we make spaghetti for the four of us and we usually have leftovers. Although with the girls getting bigger, and eating more, we may need to step it up to a pound. 

Anyways, I made the recipe exactly as suggested but used an approximate half pound of spaghetti. I won’t say that using less pasta was a mistake. What I will say was a mistake was still using a half cup of pasta water. It resulted in a lot of liquid leftover and a need to sort of “drain” the pasta as you took it out of the bowl. Granted the egg mixture was also enough for a full pound of pasta but I really felt like it didn’t need the pasta water. At least not that much. 

But, this turned out very well anyways. The “trick”, if you will, of pouring the water into a bowl to heat it up and then using that heated bowl to mix the rest up worked. I had no scrambled eggs in mine. Just a lot of liquid. I think using the three eggs plus one yolk was a good amount. I can see using one less but not any more than three. I would definitely recommend trying this recipe. 

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