Cranberry Raisin Oatmeal Cookie

These were a hit. While I had saved the recipe for a little while, making them when I did was a complete whim. But the response I got from my wife was that she had been wanting oatmeal cookies. How’s that for coincidence?  Or maybe I can read minds. Hmmmm…..  Well, I digress. You can read the recipe here

I am not a big oatmeal raisin cookie kind of person. I prefer chocolate of some kind but these sounded interesting. The cranberry aspect is what got me I think. It added a layer to the cookie that took it beyond just an oatmeal raisin cookie. Plus, using golden raisins and the presence of maple syrup add to the things that make it interesting. 

Speaking of the syrup, I did use the syrup in place of the boiled cider. I used chopped slivered almonds for the nuts (and less than one cup). I also skipped the optional spiced rum and used regular all purpose flour. I didn’t have “white whole wheat” flour only either white (all purpose) or whole wheat and I opted for the all purpose. It seemed like the better choice. 

I baked these for 14 minutes on air bake cookie sheets. They were just starting to brown on the edges and tops yet remained soft and chewy. A definite success. I got about 40 cookies out of the batch. 

As mentioned at the beginning, these were a hit. Everyone that had one liked them although the oldest told me she didn’t like the “berry part”. But that aside, I definitely recommend these. 

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