Dark Chocolate Peppermint Cookies

This last weekend we were supposed to go over to a friends house for dinner and to hang out. Our job was to bring dessert which meant I was making something. I chose these due to the uniqueness and they sounded good. Unfortunately some plans changed and we didn’t go over there. I still needed to make the cookies (I had everything for them) so I did, but I made an adjustment or two. You can read the recipe here

The adjustments I made were not so much adjustments as it was not “completing” the cookie. There are two more steps – creating a powdered sugar frosting for the middle and melting some chocolate to dip the completed sandwich cookies in. While I had intended on doing that to take to our friends house, I was less interested in doing that if it was just for us. Plus, I put off making these and finally decided to do it one weeknight. Not doing these extra steps was certainly a timesaver. 

In the end, these cookies were okay. Not great, but not terrible either. They could have used a bit more peppermint. I did taste the cookie dough as suggested but felt the flavor was okay. After they were baked, it seemed to be a little lacking. They may have been “better” if I had completed the steps of the filling and chocolate coating. 

One last note – it gives different directs for baking depending on the type of pan, how you want your cookie, etc.  I baked these for 12 minutes on air bake cookie sheets. I let them cool for about five minutes on the sheet and then moved them to a wire rack. They were nice and soft. I got twenty cookies out of the dough. 

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