100% Whole Wheat Cinnamon Swirl Bread

Before I get started, I have to make a confession. I screwed up this bread. Twice. Yet, it still turned out to be okay. More on that in a minute. 

Once again, this is a recipe that has been hanging around for a long time and I finally decided to pull the trigger and make it. Of course, I did so on a week night. Not an issue per se but, well, it can still be challenging. This was of interest to me for two reasons. First, the whole wheat element (and 100% whole wheat at that) was intriguing. Second, who doesn’t like a good piece of cinnamon swirl toast (drowned in butter)? It sounded like a great thing to try and provide some additional breakfast choices. You can read the recipe here

Overall, as I mentioned above, this turned out to be okay despite the issues I wound up having. The swirl wasn’t that great, although it looked better in the middle of the loaf and it was a little dense. But,nonce you toasted it an slathered butter all over it, it was pretty good. 

Now, here is where I messed up – twice. First of all, I maybe should have tried this on a weeknight. While it is doable, I always seem to be baking bread really late at night which is not always something I want to do. That kind of plays into one of the issues. 

The first issue was that it calls for five tablespoons of butter, melted. I forgot it. Not completely, mind you, but it didn’t make it into the dough. I had out it in the microwave to melt it and forgot about it. I guess I was doing too much multi-tasking.  Or something. I didn’t realize that I had forgotten it until my oldest found it in the microwave, half melted and re-solidifying. By this time it was about done with the first rise so there was no way I was going to try and mix it in at that point. I almost pitched it but that seemed pretty wasteful and I kind of wanted to see how it turned out. 

Speaking of the first rise, I let it go for 90 minutes as suggested. I felt like it did pretty well in that timeframe for the rise. Putting it together, the cinnamon/sugar and rolling it up went off without a hitch. I felt pretty good about how it was looking when I put it in the pan. I even had to squish it in there a bit. But then I messed up again. 

I forgot about it. Seriously. I made a mental note of when I needed to come back (90 minutes) and check it. But then I forgot that I was making bread. A complete and total brain lapse. I “found” it about 10 pm. When I was going to bed. At that point it had been in the second rise for three hours. Double the time it should have been rising. Now, it didn’t over rise (if that’s a thing) where it was huge or spilling out of the pan. But, I was concerned, again, with what the ultimate end product would be. Did it dry out, would it be edible?  Who knows. Again I thought seriously about pitching it but I didn’t. I was committed to making it and just seeing what happened. 

I baked it, including the extra step of tenting it, and stuck in a rack to cool and went to bed. In the morning it cut into it and ate some. As I’ve already mentioned it wasn’t bad. A little dense but the flavor was decent. A moderate success despite the issues. I may make this again, the right way, to see how it turns out. I’m a little undecided at this point. We shall see. 

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