Slow Cooker Short Rib Queso Dip

Once again, Alton Brown has a fantastic recipe. The downside was that, while really good, some moments of operator error on my part led it to not be quite as good as it could have (should have) been. Read the recipe here

Okay, first “problem” if you will is that I may have gone overboard on the beef. It called for two pounds and I went with double that. I was erring on the side of wanting more meat (thinking a lot of weight would have been bone/fat) in the dip. Second issue was that I didn’t cut them into little pieces. I did separate the individual bones but didn’t cut them down any further. And then I cooked them on low for about five hours. Reading the recipe over again later, I noticed it should have been on high. 

Anyway, long story short, the rib meat was not as tender as I would have liked it to be. Or it should have been. The end result was that it was a little chewy. Basically, my thought on why, is that it didn’t really have a good chance to to get tender. There was too much in the crockpot for the short (relatively) amount of time that it cooked. Had I maybe trimmed the bones out completely and then cut it into smaller pieces, it may have worked. 

Interestingly, I only got about one pound of actual meat. They went in the crockpot late at night and I left them sit, whole, until Saturday when I took the time to trim and dice meat. That worked a lot better and it was easier to trim the fat off with it being cold. 

But the rest of it came together nicely and worked. And people liked it although there were some questions on “what is in here that is chewy” but it was okay. I did use a small amount of sharp cheddar and the rest mild cheddar. Again, operator error on reading the recipe and missing that it was “sharp” cheddar. I was a bit off on my game with this recipe. But I would definitely recommend it. 

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