Citrus Glazed Shrimp


Sometimes simpler is better when it comes to making things for a party. Not everything has to be over the top. (I should tell myself that more often.) so while I wanted a few thing to make for our most recent party, I wasn’t that interested in spending forever in the kitchen before the party. Which led me to making this recipe. Now I did have this saved as it was one I bookmarked in the December 2013 issue of Cooking Light magazine. You can read the recipe online here

Making this served two purposes. First, as mentioned it was relatively simple. Second, it let me make a recipe I had saved. And third, it wasn’t likely that my kids were going to be fans of it if I made it for dinner. Okay, that was three things. In making it, I only had one change and that was it should be paired with a cilantro rice. But since I was making this more as a shrimp appetizer, I skipped the rice. 

I did choose to start with uncooked shrimp. Yes, I know that is wha the recipe calls for but often I will buy the package of shrimp that is pre-cooked. I’ve found that it does save a little time. But, there was a package of peeled and deveined shrimp that was uncooked and I decided that I would rather use that, letting the flavors develop while cooking, instead of simply warming the shrimp. And I did use the juice from the lime I used to get the zest but needed to add a tiny bit to make the full two tablespoons. 

These had good flavor. They could be served warm or cold although they might be a touch better warm. I went for the middle ground, making them and plating right before people were supposed to show up. Then I just let them be. I didn’t try to warm them back up. They really didn’t last that long anyway. I would recommend them. 

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