Caribbean Rum Cake

Note – this is an “adult” type cake. Lots of rum involved. 

I found this recipe awhile back and thought it would be good for one of our upcoming parties. A party that didn’t include kids. And it was good. Strong, but good. You can read the recipe here.  

This cake was a success, if for nothing else than it came out of the bundt pan cleanly (mostly). It doesn’t look 100% like the picture in the recipe but I’m calling it a win. The picture in the recipe has a much more defined bundt pan shape (ridges) and is a little darker. Not sure exactly why mine didn’t turn out that way. 

My cake did fall after it was done baking which resulted in a smaller (shorter) cake than I was expecting given the size of the bundt pan. And the fact that it was close to the top of the pan when I took it out. 

I made one change to the ingredients and that was using a dark rum in place of the white or gold rum. I had a bottle of dark and didn’t feel like going to the store for another bottle, to only use a cup of it. I think it worked fine and, in talking with some at the party, they were surprised that it didn’t just call for dark rum to start with. 

For the assembly, I did not have time to make this the day before which meant it wasn’t going to be able to sit out overnight. My only choice was two days before or the day of. I chose the day of. This meant that it only sat in the pan, soaking in the syrup for about six hours. And yes, I realize that by flipping it out of the pan early changes the gravity and how it would soak the syrup in. But sometimes you can’t take all the time you need and you need to adjust. And, I think that it worked fine. Maybe the syrup didn’t soak in to every part of the cake but I wasn’t sure it was going to anyway. 

And speaking of the syrup, I didn’t quite use all of it anyway. I felt like it was pretty saturated and pouring the rest (which wasn’t much anyway) wasn’t going to do much. You can see, sort of, in the picture a dark part of the cake in the middle (where it is cut) that represents the syrup. 

I would recommend this cake. I can’t remember ever having rum balls, but someone told me they thought it tasted like a rum ball. Everyone thought it was good but felt like they couldn’t eat that much of it. Lots of rum involved. You can definitely taste it and even smell it. 

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