Hogs in a Pretzel Blanket

Sorry everyone, haven’t had much time lately to do a lot of cooking. Or at least cooking that I want to post about. Tacos, spaghetti, etc. are staples in the house and we seem to be doing more of that recently. But I did manage to put this together, although really all it is is a glorified pig in a blanket. Read the recipe here

Don’t get me wrong, it was okay to eat. We do standard pigs in a blanket every so often and it’s great. I guess I had higher hopes for these than what I ended up with. Now, one part of the issue is me not reading the recipe closely enough bit overall, these fell a little flat. 

What I missed in the recipe, and what I continue to not understand about some recipes, is that I should have mixed a tablespoon of water with the egg yolk. Yes, it said it in the directions but why can’t it be listed in the ingredient list?  As a result, my egg wash was more like a paste, especially once I added the baking soda. 

I made one change and that was using long polish sausages instead of smaller sausages. It was easy enough the cut the puff pastry into four pieces instead of eight. And speaking of the pastry, this wasn’t really wrapped in a pretzel. It was a puff pastry made to look like a pretzel. 

Bottom line, a nice change from a standard pig in a blanket but nothing special. 

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