Lemon Layer Cake

On a whim, I saved this recipe as it was linked from another recipe I was looking at as it sounded interesting. I had no idea when, if at all I was going to make it. Two days later my wife mentions that her mom wants a lemon cake for her birthday but she didn’t know when she was going to have time to make one. Having just found this one, I volunteered to make the cake and away we went. You can read the recipe here

There is a bit of work involved in the recipe. But, it turned out great and everyone loved so it is worth the effort. I chose to make the lemon curd the day before. In reading the recipe, I noticed that you need to have the lemon curd sit for at least four hours. Well, there was no way I saw being able to make the lemon curd and cake and assemble it in one night without finishing really late at night. And, after doing all the work over two days, I was right to do it that way. 

It’s not overly hard, but there are a lot of steps and things take time. The lemon curd came together nicely although I was concerned that it wasn’t going to thicken up as it was supposed to but then it did. Surprising what a little extra patience will do. Following the directions, it was easy to spread the next day after stirring it up. I got a bit more than three cups which I didn’t see a problem with. I simply did my best to split it in thirds. The only issue with the curd was I had some trouble separating the eggs. I was using very fresh eggs (from my in-laws) and they were not cracking nicely which led to two eggs being “ruined” and a little bit of yolk in the egg whites. 

The cake cake together nicely. I was a bit concerned that I hadn’t let the butter incorporate well enough before adding the liquid but it came out fine. The only issue I had with the cake was that the top was sticky which meant any time I touched it, some of it stuck to my hand.  It caused a bit of problem when it came to frosting. 

I also was unable to evenly cut the cakes apart (see picture) which I knew was a risk and the recipe even said was a risk. My wife has a fancy tool for cutting the cakes (an adjustable saw/knife thing) but I couldn’t find it (I didn’t look that hard). But, it worked out in the end. It’s not perfect but I never claimed I’d get it perfect. 

For the frosting, I didn’t make the frosting in this recipe. Instead, I made a simple butter cream frosting. The main reason was that I needed two eggs for the frosting and I only had one left. And I didn’t feel like going to the store. The butter cream worked out fine although I could have used a double batch as I had just enough to cover the cake. More would have let me clean up some spots and cover up some of the areas where the cake came off and mixed into the frosting. 

Overall, a hit and I was told that this was a “make again” recipe. 

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