Caramelized Banana Bread

This was another one of the banana bread recipes I found a while back that I wanted to try. This one was interesting due to the fact that you caramelized the bananas to soften them rather than starting with super soft bananas. You can read the recipe here.

Going that route worked great. It did really soften the bananas plus gave it that extra boost of flavor. I thought the inclusion of the rum was interesting. It definitely adjusted the flavor but it didn’t seem to make a difference in caramelizing the bananas. It actually made me wonder what would happen if we went the bananas foster route and lit the rum while it was in the pan. I might have to try this again, going that route.

I made two tweaks to the recipe. I used light brown sugar instead of dark. We normally only keep light brown sugar on hand and I’ve not found that it makes a lot of different. At least I can’t tell. The second change was I used a dark rum (which looked gold by the way) instead of a light or gold rum. Since we had a bottle of dark rum already, I opted to use that rather than buying another bottle. As I’ve said before, at times I get into the mood of using up what we have laying around.

The bread turned out very well. It has a really good flavor. I would definitely recommend trying it. I found that I didn’t need to bake it any longer than the hour it suggested. And we didn’t slice it until it was cooled (technically it was the next day). Very good bread.

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