Bacon and Egg Lyonnaise Sandwich 

This is yet another recipe that I’ve had sitting around for quite some time. And every time I would look at it on my phone or iPad, I would wonder why I saved the recipe since it would only say “bacon and egg sandwich” for the title. I mean, that’s great and all, but what was so special about it that I saved it?  Then I would open it up and remember. Finally I decided to just make it and get it over with. You can read the recipe here

Bottom line, this a pretty good sandwich. The flavors were good although I made one change that definitely altered the flavor. I felt I was doing really good getting the ingredients for the sandwich but completely forgot to buy the Gorgonzola cheese. I was not going back to the store so I substituted a Parmesan cheese. Not a regular one but something special. Of course I threw away the Sapper and can’t remember what it was now but the end result was that it was not Gorgonzola cheese. I also substituted chopped romaine lettuce in place of the frisée. It worked just fine and allowed me to use up that lettuce. I wasn’t able to find individual ciabatta rolls but found a rectangle loaf and was able to cut it down to the size I needed. 

I did make these for breakfast although you could argue that they are any any meal kind of sandwich. I only made three sandwiches as the oldest was at a sleepover. The youngest took a bite and said she didn’t like it. Disappointing, but she tried it and that was positive in and of itself.  Which meant I ate two of them which was good but I definitely did not need to eat two of them. 

I would recommend giving this a try. It is a little different twist on the classic bacon and egg sandwich and a good twist at that. 

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