Sticky Soy Hoisin Chicken Rice Bowls


Sometimes you take a recipe and make some adjustments to it. Sometime it is out of necessity (wait, I’m out that), on purpose either to avoid something (spicy) or you don’t want to buy an ingredient just to use a tiny bit or you simply want to make it your own. This was a combination of those. You can read the recipe I started with here and then I’ll tell you what I changed. 

The biggest thing, quite honestly, was that I was really “feeling” the chicken thighs. I don’t know exactly what it was but I didn’t want to go buy and make the chicken thighs. If it wasn’t chicken thighs then I was going to use some of the boneless chicken breasts we had in the freezer. I pulled out about two pounds of those and went from there. After thawing the chicken I decided to cut them down into smaller pieces so it would bake quicker. I did not want to sit there waiting and waiting and waiting for the last piece of chicken to finish. 

For the marinade, I skipped the chili garlic sauce (I couldn’t find any at the store and what I found that was close was really spicy) in favor of a teaspoon of garlic powder and a pinch of a ground pepper that I got from a friend (the name escapes me but it provides a tiny kick). 

Overall, the chicken baked well. Some pieces (the smaller ones) finished quicker and I did my best to pull those out so they didn’t over bake. Then it was just a matter of dicing the chicken and coating it with the sauce. For the rice, I used basmati rice because, well, I still have a big bag that needs used up. In fact, I was going to pair this with the rice to begin with and making a rice bowl seemed like a good idea. 

Overall, this was good. I think if I were to do it again, I would dice the chicken before the marinade and then cook it in a skillet. That would provide for a more even cooking, in my opinion, if using the boneless chicken breasts. Plus it might be quicker than 30 minutes of baking it. Actually, it would be quicker. 

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