Vermont Whole Wheat Oatmeal Honey Bread

This is yet, another recipe that has been hanging around for quite some time waiting to be made. I figured I might as well try it. There was no sense in just leaving it sit there. You can read the recipe here

In short, the bread was good – it was soft, had a nice chew without being dense and it tasted really good. The honey flavor really came out. However, once again, I had issues with bread rising. 

Now, I’ll start off by saying that it very well may be operator error. I cut the recipe in half as I only wanted to make one loaf. It all worked fine but I will admit I did not measure the yeast. I needed a half of a tablespoon and I had about a half pouch of instant yeast leftover from something else I had made. I made the assumption, possibly the wrong assumption, that it contained a half of a tablespoon. A pouch usually has about a tablespoon.  

Either way, the bread did not become “quite puffy” during the first rise. In fact, about halfway through I wasn’t sure that it had risen at all. When moving it to the pan for the second rise, it again didn’t fair so well. I actually forgot about it after telling myself to check it in a half hour I wound up being an hour and a half which meant the total second rise time was two hours. And guess what? Not a significant rise. To be fair about a third of the loaf had risen appropriately above the rim of the pan. But that was it. Part of me wonders if I need to do a better job at putting it in the pan so it is even across the pan when it starts. Either way, you would have thought it would have risen plenty. But no. 

But, as I started out, it still tasted good and the one end worked out (the end I took a picture of). As we work towards the other end, it is becoming less of a sandwich bread and more of a small toast bread. But it is working out. One last comment on the flavor or maybe just the ingredients. He addition of the oatmeal was interesting. I wasn’t sure what to expect but here was a part of me that expected to see bits of oatmeal in the bread when cutting it. But no, there was not. Which makes sense if you think about it as the oatmeal has sat there and gotten plenty soft and mixed in with everything else. 

I do recommend this and I will try it again, with the proper measurements on the yeast to see if I can’t “fix” this issue. 

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