Peanut Butter and Jelly Pie

Making this was a bit of a whim. Or at least finding the recipe and deciding that I’d give it a try was a whim because, as normal, the recipe sat for awhile before I had the “right” time to make it. You can read the recipe here

I made one change and that was using a pre-made pie crust rather than making my own per the recipe. Mainly that was because I didn’t find the graham flour it said you needed to use. And I had a pre-made crust in the fridge that needed to be used up. The crust turned out fine, although it got a little more brown that I wanted it to while baking and shrunk more than I expected it to. But the filling still fit in just fine. 

For the jelly, I actually used preserves. We had a jar in the fridge of a three fruit preserve (blueberry, cherry and grape) which we’ve been using for whatever and I decided that would work. Without buying something else, it was that or raspberry and I felt the combo preserve would work better. It turned out to be chunky (see picture) and I almost picked them off but then decided it was fine. 

Overall, this was a hit. Anyone that tried it thought it was great. And most people at the party (Super Bowl) decided they needed to try it. Although the first reaction was generally “wait, what is it?” Followed by the decision to try it. 

I’d recommend making this. If anything there is a “wow” factor that is fun to watch people react to it. 

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