Pepperoni Pizza Football Cheeseball

I do not often make themed food but my wife found this recipe and suggested I make it for the Super Bowl party we were going to. There is nothing wrong with themed food, I simply gravitate towards other recipes. In the end, this turned out well although it felt a little bit like a comedy of errors in getting it put together. You can read the recipe here

Of course I made a few tweaks to the recipe although it was mainly limited to the fact that I could not find mini pepperoni. There was a spot at the store but they were out. And I wasn’t going to go to another store when I could make do with the regular ones. I grabbed one package knowing I had a partial package in the fridge and was pretty certain there is another one floating around at home. 

Fast forward to the day when I made it. I figured I would put one package of the regular sized in the cheese ball as it said to put one package of the mini sized in. I would then use up the package in the fridge and dip into another one as needed. Wrong. Well,most of. As it turns out, somehow the package I grabbed at the store was thick pepperoni. Not quite as easy to just dump them in the mix. So I cut each piece into four pieces and went from there. Once I got it shaped on the plate and in the fridge to chill, I went looking for the other package of pepperoni and couldn’t find it. This left me with only the partial package and I was concerned it might not have been enough. Which led me to the store. Luckily, or rather unluckily I suppose, I already needed to go to the store for another item I had forgotten for another recipe. Sigh. 

Long story short, I went to a different store in hopes of finding the mini pepperoni but didn’t find them. I bought another package of pepperoni and then found out that the partial package was enough to cover it which meant I didn’t need the extra one. And then I found the other package I thought I had. Which now means I have two packages of pepperoni and no immediate plans to use them. 

Overall, as I said before, this was good. It does taste like a pepperoni pizza. The pepperoni on the outside is a little more for show than anything else, in my estimation. I would recommend using the mini pepperoni. While the large sized worked, there were plenty of spots (see picture) that were “open” in between the slices. I was having a hard enough time getting the pepperoni to stick to begin with that overlapping them didn’t seem like it would work. Plus I think the smaller slices would have looked better and behaved better. Some of the larger slices were bent and were hard to work with. 

But it was a hit. I don’t know that I would make it again, but it is a nice, themed dish for any football party. 

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