Buckwheat Rye Pancakes

I make a pretty good pancake (says me and those who have eaten them – read it here) but I do like to experiment with other types of pancakes (and breakfast in general).  Usually that gets me in trouble as the words “why can’t you make normal pancakes” gets spoken quite often. But it’s worth the risk to try new things. This recipe, for a buckwheat rye pancake, was one such recipe I decided I needed to try. 

Overall, this was a good pancake and somewhat similar to what I usually make. And I was told they were good although there was a difference. There is a similarity with the ratios of flour and liquids plus the baking powder. They turned out to be somewhat light and fluffy although not quite as much as my normal ones. 

I did have to make a change and that was I used regular wheat flour. I couldn’t find buckwheat flour and the recipe did say you could use the regular wheat. On a positive note, I did use real buttermilk instead of my normal sour milk. 

I also made the full recipe which maybe was a mistake. Only because it resulted in a lot of leftover pancakes. Making half the recipe would have worked fine (ingredient amounts are easy to split) and it would have made less. Obviously. There isn’t anything wrong with leftovers, but sometimes you get a little tired of them. Making a half recipe would have given us about enough. 

But anyway, it was a good recipe and a good pancake. The flavor is definitely there for the wheat and rye but it works really well. I’d give these a try but also promote my “normal” pancakes. 

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