Cuban Braised Shredded Beef

Quick disclaimer – I don’t spend a lot of time trying to take a picture of the final product. And, I very rarely take more than one picture of a recipe. This recipe was a little hard to take a picture of as I wasn’t going to serve it as the recipe suggested but still wanted to capture the essence of the recipe. So I took a picture of it still in the Dutch oven. It works, but it isn’t spectacular. 

This recipe was interesting to me from an overall perspective. It’s hard to say exactly but it was a little along the lines of a Mexican/Latin American type recipe (yes, I know, I know, it says “Cuban” in the title). I seem drawn to those types of recipes. Plus it just looked good. And, as it turned out, I had a brisket in the freezer from the last time we go a portion of a cow. And it was about the right size. 

The recipe is from Cook’s Illustrated which is one of my favorite cooking related magazines to read (although I have a stack I haven’t read yet). The biggest benefit I see with the magazine is they spend time making a recipe over and over (and over) trying different things and then settling on what they consider the “best” way to make something. It seems to take the guesswork out of it for the person cooking. And they explain the changes they made and how they did things. You can read about this one here

Going back to this recipe, it turned out very well. It is something that takes a long time to make. I started around 3:00 pm on last Saturday and we ate around 6:30 pm. It took a little longer than I had planned out in my head. One of these days I’m going to remember that it takes extra time when something reads “bring to boil/simmer”. But it wasn’t too far off the original plan. 

For the serving, I mentioned that I didn’t do it as suggested. Partway through making this, I decided I didn’t want to make any rice and opted to turn this into a taco, or maybe more like fajitas. So, off we went with some tortillas, refried beans and sour cream along with the beef mixture. It was good. Everyone, the girls included, liked it. It was a little different flavor with the olives (which was a whole jar of the pitted, pimento stuffed olives (pimento removed)) but still good. 

I would recommend giving this a try. While it took awhile to make, it was a really nice meal when it was all finished.

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