Cardamom Pound Cake

Last weekend, with all the family in town, we had other plans for dinner Sunday night plus dessert. Which was this. However, things don’t always go as planned and we ended up skipping everything in favor of leftovers. Which meant making this was put on hold. But I eventually found a time to make it, somewhat randomly, and here we are. You can read the recipe here

This was an interesting recipe based on what it was. And I’ve got a jar of cardamom that is just sitting in the cupboard, so, why not? I feel that it turned out very well. It has a good flavor and the cardamom is present but not overwhelming. It gives a serving suggestion at the end of the recipe, but I tried it with a little vanilla ice cream. That was good but a little plain. My wife suggested eating it like strawberry shortcake, that is with strawberries, so we went that route. To this point I’m the only one that ate some with strawberries but I can say that it worked really well. 

I made one change to the recipe and that was not using the creme fraiche. It is a high fat content sour cream. The store didn’t have any and I wasn’t interested in trying a different store. Instead I used regular sour cream. Not light or reduced fat, just plain old regular sour cream. I think it worked well. 

Going back to the serving suggestion, it does say to serve with some creme fraiche. Now, I like sour cream as much as the next person, but I couldn’t see putting sour cream on a slice of this cake. I’ll stick with the strawberries thank you. 

I believe that this is worth giving it a try. You may have to go get some cardamom if you don’t already have some but it is a fairly easy thing to make.

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