Apple Raspberry Crumb Bars

With more family in town the last weekend for dinner on Saturday, I needed another dessert to make. This one, while somewhat similar to Friday night’s dessert (apples), was different enough that I was okay with making it. Plus it let me use up another recipe I had saved and some more apples out of the freezer. You can read the recipe here

Again, overall, these were pretty good. Maybe not quite as good as the others, but still pretty good. I didn’t make any changes on these other than I used a package of frozen apples from our freezer (five total cups of apples) rather than the mixture of apples they suggested. The assembly worked fine although I elected to not drain the frozen apples, keeping the liquid as part of the filling (if they were fresh it would have been in the apples). I only mention this as I never really felt that the apples reduced enough for me to pour it all into the pan. Plus adding the water (which wasn’t listed in the ingredient list by the way) seemed to give it a lot of liquid. I ended up scooping the apples out and leaving some of the sauce/liquid behind. 

The other thing I didn’t do, which wasn’t a change to the recipe itself, was to not line the pan with parchment paper. I started to but then decided that it was too much work. In the end, I maybe should have as the bars were a little hard to get out of the pan. I did spray it down well with nonstick spray but they still stuck a bit. 

It was a good tasting bar with the cooked apples and the raspberry jam. 

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