Bananas Foster Breakfast Strata

I will admit that I was hesitant to make this although it sounded very interesting. I am iffy, at times, at things that are banana. I will eat a banana and, generally, don’t have a problem with banana bread/muffins but most other things that are banana (or banana flavored) turn me off. It is odd, I know, but something about the banana flavor just doesn’t work for me. I suspected that this would be similar. The second reason is that my wife is not a big fan of things that are (or could be) “soggy bread”. This kind of qualifies. The recipe comes from the December 2013 issue of Cooking Light and you can read it online here

The only change I made to the recipe, and I hesitate to even call it a “change” is that I didn’t have the full 1/2 cup of rum. After pouring the first 1/4 cup in to light, the bottle didn’t have another 1/4 cup in it. I didn’t substitute anything, just let it go at that. Speaking of lighting the rum, a 1/4 cup of rum burned a lot longer than I expected. 

For me, this was good but the banana flavor was just at the edge of a little too much. I ate one piece and didn’t complain when everyone else ate the rest, including the leftovers. Everyone else who are, liked it. Including my wife who made the comment that it was just on the “right” side of being soggy. Which was really good because when I was cutting it up, and taking some pieces out, I was really concerned that it was way too soggy. 

Overall, as I mentioned, it was good. If you like bananas, or at least bananas foster, I would give this a try. 

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