County Fair Caramel Apple Bars

A dinner with people over (or any dinner I guess) is not complete without some kind of dessert. This recipe had been saved for a bit and I thought it would work well for dessert last Friday night. Plus, it would let me use up some of the apples we have in our freezer. It is a gr at benefit that my in-laws have a couple of apple trees but we then have a plethora of apples we need to use up. Anyway, this turned out well. You can read the recipe here

As I said, there turned out very well. I only made a few minor tweaks. The first, as I already mentioned, is that I used apples we had in the freezer. I cannot tell you specifically what kind they were (the kind that grow on trees 😀) but we have bags and bags (and bags) of them in the freezer in five cup portions. That portion size is pretty common for most pies, crisps, etc. and it worked well for this. 

The other change is that I didn’t make the caramel topping. Right before serving, I drizzled some store bought caramel ice cream topping on it. Not a lot and once it was on it was hard to tell that it was there but it worked well and saved a little effort. 

I did make this the night before and put it in the fridge. That worked fine except it was pretty hard when we ate it. Not to the point that we couldn’t eat it but it could have been warmed up a bit. In fact, the comment was made that it would be good warmed up with some ice cream. But no one did that. And a few days later when we ate the leftovers, no one did it then either. But it would be really good warm, with ice cream. 

Overall, it was good and I would make this again. 

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