Roasted Apple and Brie Grilled Cheese

Awhile back, in some previous post I can’t recall, I talked about how I’ve been asked about whether or it I have a specialty (I really don’t) and that I thought grilled cheese could be a specialty. At that time I had found a couple of grilled cheese recipes, this one being one. Sadly, I really haven’t made much grilled cheese but finally got around to this one. I guess that means I still don’t have a specialty. Anyway, you can read this one here

This was unique for several reasons. There is mayo on the outside of the bread which sounds ridiculous (and kind of gross) but works really well. The thyme infused butter added a layer of flavor. In one sense, there are a lot of flavors here that you think wouldn’t go together but they do. 

I will admit that I was pleasantly surprised at how good it was. Not that I thought it would be bad but it came together really nicely. I also had never tried Brie (that I can recall) before which made me a little extra hesitant. Especially when I have more Brie in the fridge to use up. I don’t know how anyone else might have liked this as I only made it for myself. Time got away from me and I had to throw together some “regular” grilled cheeses for the rest as my wife and youngest needed to leave. But I think my wife would have liked it. Not sure about the girls. 

I would definitely recommend it. Oh, and for the bread, I used the No Knead Crusty White Bread I had just made (see previous post). I actually finally made that bread so I could finally make this recipe. 

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