Walter Sands Easy White Bread, Take 5

Okay, maybe the fifth time is the charm. After feeling like I went backwards the last time I made this (read that one here), I set out to really focus on getting it “right”. I am happy to report that after really focusing on it, and a lot of patience, I think I got it. 

You can read the recipe here. The link to the previous blog post about this bread links back to the others if you care to read about them. Here is the deal on this one. The recipe does give options for different ingredients and I’ve outlined what I did for those as well as the general steps I think I took that made it work. I’d would like to say I didn’t make any mistakes but sadly, I did. And again, I made one loaf which meant cutting everything in half. 

  • I used sugar over honey to start out. 
  • I used instant yeast (and the proper amount) over the dry active. 
  • I used oil (specifically canola oil) over the butter. Here is where I messed up – I put the full amount of oil in rather than halving it. 
  • I did not use any other flour (didn’t add in whole wheat or anything like that). 
  • I let it rise two hours in the bowl. 
  • I waited patiently for it to rise one inch above the pan which took approximately an hour. 

Now, on the last rise, it was about an inch over. I could have let it go longer, and next time I might, but it was starting to get late and I was satisfied with where it was. The downside is that it seems to actually go down a bit while baking. It was not as tall when it came out. 

BUT, the bread was soft, had some decent holes and tasted good. All in all, it was very successful. I will need to try it again with the right amount of oil. And there is always the idea of making it with the different ingredients but I may not go that far. 

One last thing – while this is turning out very well, it still makes a small loaf. And yes, I know that it is in a small pan so of course it will be small. My question, and something I may need to test, is whether or not I could make the full batch and instead of splitting the loads, put it all in one larger pan. Something to think about. 

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