Pan Roasted Chicken with Pineapple Chile Glaze

Making this represented something a little different. An opportunity to do a whole chicken instead of merely chicken breasts or something else. It didn’t turn out exactly how I wanted it to, but it was still pretty good. You can read the recipe here

Mainly, the issue was around the glaze. It really didn’t turn into a glaze for me. It reduced but kept the consistency of a sauce, rather than a glaze. I think part of the problem was that when I turned the heat down to let it simmer, it stopped boiling/simmering. Without it being a glaze it really didn’t have any “staying power” and generally ran off of the chicken as I tried to brush it on. 

Now, it did stay a little bit which you can see in the picture. I only put the glaze on the left half of the chicken as I knew it would be spicy and wanted to limit that exposure. Here is a color difference which means it did something. But still not what I expected or,mfrsnkly, what the recipe called for. And it certainly doesn’t look like the picture in the recipe. 

But as I said, it wasn’t bad. The sauce/glaze gave it a little extra kick. One thing about this is that since the skin stays on the chicken, a lot of the heavy flavor stays on the skin. Which means you can take the skin off and the flavor will not be as intense. 

I only made one change to this and that was using a jalapeño in place of the Serrano chile. And I de-seeded the jalapeño. And while it sent a change per se, the chicken I bought was about five pounds which was bigger than the chicken it called for. But it still cooked to the right temperature in the 45 minutes it said to do it. 

I do recommend this recipe but will suggest that you make sure your glaze is a glaze before putting it on the chicken. 

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