Jam Filled Almond Cupcakes

This has been on my list for awhile. Not a ridiculously long time but the past few months at least. I’ve been waiting for the “right time” to make these, especially since the full recipe makes 18 and we don’t need 18 cupcakes laying around. I thought I’d be able to do it for a late Christmas party, and even made sure I bought anything extra I needed, but the party was cancelled. Finally, I just committed to making them so I could cross it off the list. In doing so, I cut the recipe in half as to not make as many. I also tried to mimic the picture (sort of) from the recipe to show the filled cupcake. You can read the recipe here

Overall, these turned out pretty well. There wasn’t much to putting the cupcake part together and they only have to bake for 15-20 minutes. I let them go to the 20 minute mark as after 15 it didn’t seem quite done. Probably the biggest part (most labor intensive) is getting them filled and then frosted, which takes into account getting the frosting made. There is a bit of a time factor overall as you do have to let them cool before filling and frosting but it isn’t too bad. 

I chose to use some cherry preserves as the filling, mostly because I’ve got a jar to use up. But the cherry and almond flavors went really well together. I almost made the entire frosting amount to make sure I had plenty. You can’t ever have too much frosting. However, I did but still had enough for the nine cupcakes. 

I thought the flavors and the cupcake overall was good and would recommend them. The girls didn’t quite like them as much. I think it was more of the almond flavor than anything else. It could be considered a little heavy with the almond but I was good with it. And I will point out, as the recipe does, that these are gluten free, but not vegan. 

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