Glazed Chicken with Almond Quinoa 

Recipes “catch my eye” for a variety of reasons. This one seemed like a “normal” recipe because it was a chicken recipe.  Which might sound odd, but go with it.  I didn’t feel that we have had much chicken lately so this one got marked to make. Plus it was paired with quinoa, which is not something we have eaten much. So a normal/not normal recipe. You can read it here

Overall, this was good. Although it seems a little odd once you read everything that goes into the quinoa, it turned out pretty well. The only thing that didn’t was the glaze. That is due primarily to the fact that I used a 5 ounce jar of pepper and onion relish (from Harry and David) rather than red pepper jelly. In the end, it worked just fine and tasted good. It just so happened to work out that I had that jar of relish and could use it in place of the jelly. Which meant I didn’t have to go buy jelly that I then had to use up later. 

The girls liked it although I didn’t make them try any of the glaze/relish and halfway through eating the quinoa they started picking out the green onions and almonds. But they still ate the quinoa. I would call that successful. 

There isn’t much that is “fancy” about this (or much to say about it) but I would recommend it. 

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