Sticky Korean Lamb Rice Bowls

As I have mentioned before, having in-laws that have sheets makes it very easy to get lamb. Typically we buy a lamb from them about once per year which means it’s almost always available. So when I find lamb recipes, I usually save them to make. This dish is a riff on another recipe. The original recipe, which you can read here (taken from the December 2013 issue of Cooking Light) calls for the lamb and pepper to be cut and placed on skewers – kabobs basically. 

It says to grill them, but says it can be done inside. Nothing against that, it certainly can be done inside but I’m not a big fan of doing that. Mostly because my ventilation isn’t the greatest in the kitchen. The fan above the stove just blows back into the kitchen. If (when) we remodel the kitchen, I’m fixing that issue. Among other things. But I digress. 

Normally I would have fired up the gas grill outside and taken care of it. And while I girl year round, there are times when maybe it is a bit too cold to do it. This was one of those times. It didn’t seem worth it to go through the trouble for a few little skewers. So we needed to adjust. 

I was already planning on making some rice to go with it (basmati rice to be exact since I still have a huge bag in the closet) which led me to do the rice bowls. I simply diced the pepper and cut the lamb into small, bite-sized pieces. Speaking of the lamb, since I was going this route, I chose to use one pound of lamb steaks. It was easier to cut those up than try to take off of a larger leg or something like that. It worked well to trim the fat off and go from there. 

The only downside with what I did is I think I lost the “stickiness” of the sauce. Since it was all cooked together in a cast iron skillet, it was more of a sauce than a glaze. But it still tasted good. And the girls both liked it. It was not surprising as they have eaten plenty of lamb in their life but they both inhaled it. 

One last comment, of course, as usual, I didn’t add the red pepper flakes to reduce the spice but decided to sprinkle some on my bowl to still try and get some of the intended flavor. It worked pretty well that way. I’d recommend this, whether the way I did it or the original skewer way. 

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