Creamy White Bean Soup with Ham

Interestingly, the December 2013 issue of Cooking Light has big words on the cover about “slow cooker to the rescue” but, in my opinion it contains very few slow cooker recipes. And out of those recipes, this is the only one that I decided to make. You can read the recipe here

I like food, obviously, since I cook and blog about it but I don’t come across many recipes that make me think “wow, that was great”.  Things are good, but not great. This one takes the exception. It was fantastic. I’m not sure exactly why. Maybe it was that I didn’t have to expend a lot of energy with it being in the crockpot all day (although the chopping of vegetables to start was a little time consuming). Maybe it was that I chose to make his on one of the first really cold days of the year and it was just nice. Or maybe it was just the flavors. Regardless, it was really good. I even got a partial bowl for seconds that night.

The only change I made was the meat. It calls for two pounds of smoked ham hocks that you put in and then take out remove the bones, etc. Nothing against that idea, but store number one didn’t have them and when I went to store number two for something else, I forgot to look. But I had already bought a replacement at store number one. What I settled on was sliced Black Forest ham. Nothing special about it, it’s just what I chose. Honestly, I was being kind of cheap. I wanted some kind of pork (ham seemed like the best substitute) but I was having a hard time spending the money on a large ham in which I really only needed a portion of it. Yes, I could use the ham for other things but it wasn’t really in my plans. The package of ham was about two pounds which is really what sold me on it. Plus, being pre-sliced allowed me to cut it into chunks and go from there. I also figured that it would get tender (more tender) in the crockpot all day and would be easy to break up with the spoon. For the most part that did work. 

I highly recommend this recipe. This will go on the list to make again. 

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