Crisp Waffles

As I believe I have mentioned before, if you gave me a choice between waffles or pancakes for br karats, I am likely to choose the waffles. The rest of the family prefers pancakes but I do like a good waffle. Which means, of course, that when I find a new waffle recipe, I need to try it. Such was the case with this recipe

This waffle certainly does live up to its name. It was very crisp when it came off of the waffle iron. And pretty light and airy. Sadly, that was about the extent of it. It was so light and airy that there really wasn’t anything else. Not a lot of structure and, really not a lot of taste. I’m not sure if it was the whole wheat flour or the fact that the waffle is really a bit of flour with a whole bunch of whipped cream (essentially). 

Either way, it was somewhat disappointing. Two other quick notes. It does include some water to mix with the flour although it isn’t listed in the ingredient list. I was pretty confused at first as to how it was going to come together but then it talks in the first paragraph about how much water you need. And second, there were two leftover that I ate a day or two later for breakfast. The “crispness” did not hold up. Keep that in mind if you want to make these and plan to save some for a quick breakfast. 

Overall, a little disappointing. I think I’ll stick to a more solid waffle. 

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