Walter Sands Easy White Bread, Take 4

Just when you think you might have something figured out, you don’t. Or, at least you make some changes (or mistakes) and it doesn’t work. That is where we sit with this recipe. After the last time I made this, I was feeling pretty good. I thought I had it all figured out and might try some tweaks but it was under control. Not so much. 

I have linked “take 3” in the previous paragraph but you can read the recipe here if you don’t want to click through all the posts to get to it (you’re welcome).

Let’s start at the end and work backwards. The loaf didn’t really rise, at least on the second rise in the pan. This has resulted in a small loaf which, while it does work, is not ideal. It is also a bit dense. More so than the previous effort. Now, what did I do differently?

To start, I did elect to use an entire packet of instant yeast when making one loaf. I would think that it would have the opposite effect (more rising) and I’ve done it before. Second, I substituted one cup of the all purpose flour. Possibly could have affected the density. Lastly, I may have simply been impatient with the second rise. Once again I was baking bread late at night and simply didn’t want to be up super late. Plus we were getting ready to watch a movie and I couldn’t be stopping the movie every few minutes to check the bread. And, it is slightly possible that the bread deflated a bit when the pan was moved from the table to the counter. I can’t say for sure as it hadn’t risen that much but it kind of looked like it. 

Granted, it still tasted good and works for a sandwich. However, the bottom line is that I am not happy with this go around. The next go around, and there will be one, will need to be done when I have plenty of time so the bread can rise as long as needed in the pan. And I think I will skip the wheat flour and see if I can’t figure out this before continuing to mess with it. I might try using the correct amount of yeast. I still want to make one loaf as we do not go through that much bread in a given week. Stay tuned. 

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