Pear Walnut Upside Down Cake

Coming across this recipe, this was interesting to make for several reasons but the main reason was the it looked (and sounded) a little “fancy”. And while I always say taste trumps presentation, meaning presentation is not as important, it is nice to make something that looks good. And it worked out that I had three pears that (desperately) needed to be used up. You can read the recipe here

I was a little worried when I first went to make it as it does call to have everything done in a food processor and mine is a bit on the small side. When I went to replace our old one (which I, um, burned the motor out on) I went with a smaller, 2 cup capacity (I think) one that just had a blade for chopping. No fancy shredding for us. It works great, it is just on the small side. That was my main concern. Luckily, it turned out to be fine. It was just big enough to handle everything once it was all put together. The downside is that I can’t turn it on or off, you have to hold the button down. Which made it interesting for processing the eggs but we got it done. 

For the pears, I didn’t use Bosc. Rather I had some from Harry and David that someone had sent in a gift basket. I can’t recall what kind they were. When I went to cut them up, I chose to use a slicer that made eight slices and then took the peel off from there. I didn’t count to see if I used two and a half as it calls for, I simply filled the pan. But it was about that much. 

I did set the pan up as directed, greasing it and then adding some parchment paper, also greased. That worked really well once it was time to get it out of the pan. I baked it for the hour and ten minutes and decided that it wasn’t quite done and left it in for a little longer. At that point the center of the cake had puffed up a bit and was starting to dry out. At least that is how it looked. After pulling it and letting it sit, the cake did fall a bit. That was a little disappointing but I don’t think it affected the cake overall. 

We did eat some of it that night, before it had cooled the full two hours it called for. I thought the cake was really good. My wife liked it but thought it was a little soggy. She does not like “soggy bread” (no stuffing, bread pudding, etc.). I didn’t necessarily feel that it was “soggy” but chalked it up to the fact that the cake hadn’t fully cooled. We ate it “too soon.” I would recommend making it. 

Note – the leftover cake sat in the fridge for a few days before we ate some more of it. At that point it maybe was a little soggy. It is not quite the right word but I’m not sure how else to describe it. It still tasted good (and looked good) but it seemed like it wasn’t quite supposed to be like that. 

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