Proper Scotch Eggs

Making these for breakfast on New Years Day was something of a last minute addition to my  meme as I had told people what I was bringing but then offered to “take requests”. That was kind of a mistake. Of course I have the ability to decline the requests (which I did on some) but these were interesting enough that I wanted to try it. After doing some r adding on what they even are, I settled on this recipe. It comes from Jamie Oliver, a British chef, which added to the thought that he might know what he is talking about. Plus it is called “proper” scotch eggs which seems to imply there are recipes for “improper” scotch eggs out there. It was kind of funny. 

Essentially, this is a hard boiled egg, wrapped in sausage, and deep fried. Well, technically I think it is supposed to be a soft boiled eggs (where the yolk is still a little runny). While I do not have a problem with that, I was concerned for two things. First, I wasn’t sure how easy (or hard) it would be to peel an egg that was soft boiled and, maybe more importantly, I was prepping these the day before. Or at least a few hours before. The original plan had been to make these to eat on New Years Eve. I wasn’t sure how they would perform if they were not made relatively soon after being boiled. 

The only changes I made to the recipe were to use a full two pounds of sausage (the .3 pound difference in weight spread over eight eggs seemed negligible) and I used Dijon mustard over English mustard (one of these days I’m going to figure out exactly what English mustard is, I can never find it). They do wind up being a pretty large ball. But that makes sense if you think about the size of a large eggs plus a quarter pound of sausage wrapped around it. 

In the picture you can see the first two we deep fried. I cut one open to be able to show the inside in the picture but to also check if the sausage was fully cooked. As you can see it isn’t quite done on the inside. That allowed us to adjust accordingly. We were doing about 4 minutes in the deep fryer, making sure to turn them as needed. We did put them in the oven for a bit to “finish” them (and keep them warm). 

These were fantastic. I will definitely keep this in mind to do again, although there is a bit of effort involved. The sausage (which was plain to start) tasted great and it went very well with the egg (of course!). I highly recommend this. 

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