Darkest Chocolate Cake with a Red Wine Glaze

New Year’s Eve is often another time for me to make a handful of recipes to take to a party. We usually do the same thing every year which is to go to the house of some friends and hang out, with the kids, and then spend the night. This year my dishes went about half and half – half dessert and half breakfast for the morning. This recipe was one that I had been saving for something like this. You can read the recipe here.

This was a really good cake but I will warn you – it is very dense and very rich. So dense it is almost like eating fudge. This is a cake to eat with a glass of milk.

Generally speaking, this was fairly easy to put together. I made sure I went out and got semi-sweet chocolate although the bars I found were only 60% cacao rather than 70%. The red wine I used for the glaze was a blend, rather than a specific kind. We aren’t really red wine drinkers but keep some around for things like this or if anyone happens to come over that might want some. 

For the assembly, it talks about using a double boiler to melt the chocolate, etc.  I’m not sure if they chose that because it works the “right way” or the recipe was written before the invention of microwaves but I chose to use the microwave. I don’t have a double boiler and while I could figure out a setup to mimic one, it was much easier to do it in the microwave. I think it worked just fine. It only took a minute or two on high power to get it all melted – both the chocolate for the cake and the glaze. 

The only issue I had with the cake was that it fell slightly as it cooled. In the end this wasn’t that much of an issue but it did create a “well” in the middle where the glaze sat instead of running to, and over, the edges. That was easily solved with an offset spatula and moving the glaze around. 

I did make this about two days prior and put it in the fridge as the recipe stated. It worked pretty well and gave me extra time, so to speak, with being able to make some of these recipes in stages instead of all on New Years Eve or the night before. 

I highly recommend this cake. Just keep in mind that it is very dense and rich. Serve in small pieces. 

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