Lamb Bacon Burgers with a Spicy Aioli 

Although these are not quite as good as the last time I made lamb burgers, they do have some merits. Mainly the method in which you put the burger together (with the bacon) and the aioli. You can read this recipe here

There was a lot of effort with these burgers, especially with having to roast the tomatoes (and for so long).  Speaking of the tomatoes, I went with four beefsteak tomatoes instead of plum as the store didn’t have any plum and the beefsteak seemed to be a decent size for the burgers. Regarding the aioli, I didn’t add as much of the chile (in adobo) as it called for. I tried a little of the adobo and my tongue was instantly on fire. Knowing everyone else, I didn’t put that much in. Just enough to give it a hint of being there. And then I didn’t put any on the girls’ burgers and only a little bit on my wife’s burger. 

The best part of the burger was the bacon (of course) although it wasn’t as prominent as you might think. I did like the method, freezing the bacon (not solid) so it was easier to process in the food processor.  Both the freezing part (which makes it easier to slice) and using the food processor (to slice it) will be methods I will use in the future. 

Oh, and I did use brioche buns, although they don’t look like the ones in the picture on the recipe. It did make a tall burger, once you stacked the cheese and tomatoes on top. 

In the end, I would say that it was a decent recipe. Not great but not that bad either. The girls didn’t like it, at least until we gave the, some ketchup to dip it in. Then it was gone in an instant. And my wife preferred the previous version that I linked to at the beginning of the post. But I would recommend giving it a shot if you think you will like it. 

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