Broccoli Mac and Cheese

Despite the fact that I still have a large pile of cooking related magazines next to my bed, awhile back I took a break, so to speak, from using them. I relied on the (daily) emails I would get and other places of inspiration. But recently while cleaning around that area, I decided I better start using them again or just pitch them. They were not doing any good simply sitting there. So, I pulled out the oldest one and the one most relevant (time of the year) so I wasn’t trying to make dishes that had ingredients that were not in season. Which meant the December 2013 issue of Cooking Light. Interestingly, it boasts the use of the slow cooker (to the rescue!) but I don’t think any of the recipes I picked used the slow cooker. 

But anyway, this is the first recipe that I wanted to make out of that magazine. Mostly because it was the one that didn’t require me running to the store. We had everything we needed. You can read the recipe here

There was one change that I made and that was using regular yellow mustard as we were out of Dijon mustard. And, in re-reading the recipe, I feel like I missed the Worcestershire sauce. But, I did have my 5 year old helping me (she did an excellent job) so some of what happened was a blur. 

In the end, despite my desire to have mac and cheese that is baked, this was very good. The sauce turned out a little darker than their picture but I don’t see how you don’t have a dark sauce when you don’t drain the fat from the bacon. That lends itself to a darker color. Oh, and did I mention there was bacon?  Certainly another reason to make this. It only calls for one piece of bacon but you could add more. If you add more, I would make sure that you aren’t adding extra bacon grease. While good, the extra bacon grease would throw off the sauce consistency. 

Oh, and lastly, while I believe I have mentioned this in other posts (which you may know if you are a regular reader), I feel I should mention it again. I don’t always (which means rarely) go with what is stated in the recipe from the types of ingredients. This is highlighted mostly in the ones from Cooking Light and they call for reduced fat, fat free, etc. and I use whatever. Which usually means “regular”. There is nothing against eating healthy but I’m also a fan of portion control (and willpower/exercise) as opposed to calorie counting. Anyway, there is a short editorial for you. 🙂 Happy cooking. 

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