Buttery Sourdough Buns

In fitting with the Christmas meal of sandwiches, etc. at my parents I decided to make these buns. Part of it was the ability to have some different buns/bread available and part was it allowed me to use another of the Christmas tree shaped baking pans I had bought. You can read the recipe here.  

These turned out very well and everyone who had them thought they were great. Since these are sourdough buns, I needed a sourdough starter. Not having any, I adapted the starter from this French Country Bread recipe I made awhile back. Basically, I cut the starter in half and used only all-purpose flour. I let that go overnight, about 8 hours before stirring it down and using a half cup. 

I did use the paprika it mentioned to add some “color” to the swirls but I didn’t feel like it worked at all. The swirls were pretty plain. But, it didn’t affect the taste and these worked well cut in half for a little sandwich. Or just eaten. 

I may try these again but turn them into cinnamon rolls. The texture and flavor was good and I don’t see why you couldn’t add some cinnamon and sugar in the middle when rolling them up. We shall see. 

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