Peppermint Crunch Scones

On my wife’s side of the family, we always do a late breakfast on Christmas once everyone has gotten there. This year I had planned on making cinnamon rolls (see previous post) but was requested to make something else (it was this). Nothing wrong with that as it is a great recipe but I was interested in something different. I had this package of peppermint crunch chips in the freezer that I had wanted to try and use this year. What came to mind was that I could probably mix some of the chips into scones. A quick search of the Internet led me to this recipe, for basic scones. 

I felt like the recipe turned out well and they tasted pretty good. The results of others who ate it were mixed. Some loved it and others didn’t. I think part of that had to do with the peppermint flavor. Not everyone is a fan. 

The recipe was a nice “clean” recipe that I felt could be adapted into different types and flavors. The dough came together really well. I didn’t try to separate the pieces after I cut it but I should have and, with this recipe, I thinking would have worked. The dough was together enough that it could have pulled apart. I say that as once it reached the time it was supposed to be done, I felt like the middle wasn’t done. So I re-cut the pieces and separated them at that point and baked them for a few more minutes, trying to get the middle to be done. Overall, it worked fine. 

I would recommend trying the scone recipe. You don’t have to make peppermint scones if that isn’t your thing but try something. Plain or your own design. 

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