No Yeast Cinnamon Rolls

The hardest part about making cinnamon rolls is the fact that you have to let them rise, usually twice, which means that they take a long time to make. And the longer they take to make, the harder it is to do for breakfast in the morning. They almost have to be made the night before. Which is fine but then you don’t get the fresh cinnamon rolls from the oven. And yes, I know you can put them in the fridge and let them rise again in the morning but I’m not intersure dated in that. 

So, what if you didn’t have yeast in the cinnamon rolls?  To be fair, this isn’t my idea. I had found a recipe for “quicker cinnamon rolls” that I was planning on using only to find later that it was on a website I was going to have to pay to be able to see the recipe. Forget that. But since I was still committed to making them I had to find another recipe. A quick Google search found plenty and I finally settled on this one

I think it turned out really well. People who are them, liked them. The recipe worked well although my only complaint with recipes found on is that they are sometimes incomplete in the instructions. This was no different but I was able to figure it out. I will say, however, that the glaze portions were all off. I should have known better but a half cup of powdered sugar and a quarter cup of milk makes soup. I would up adding a lot more sugar to thicken it. And even then, it ran down into the rolls as opposed to being on top. 

I had planned on making these as part of breakfast for Christmas Day but I was then asked to make something specific which grew my plans out the window. Which meant I made them for Christmas Eve morning instead. Which worked equally as well. And I got to use my fancy Christmas tree shaped paper baking pan. The pan worked well although there isn’t a lot of support/structure to it so you need to be careful when moving it around. You can buy pans like that from King Arthur Flour (online). I would recommend trying some version of a no yeast cinnamon roll. 

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2 Responses to No Yeast Cinnamon Rolls

  1. Patricia says:

    Interesting! How was the texture?

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