Egg-in-a-Hole Sandwich with Bacon and Cheddar

Making this, at least when I made it, was something of a whim. I had this recipe hanging around for quite awhile, waiting for the “right” time to make it. Then one day I realized that the loaf of bread we had was probably getting to the point where it would go bad (start to mold) and decided that I should try to use some of it up. I used this bread.  Plus I already had some bacon cooked, which made this more of a quick dish to put together on a weekday morning before work. You can read the recipe here

Now, the bread is different than what it calls for and since the bacon was already cooked, I couldn’t use bacon grease to fry the bread and eggs so I used butter. It talks about finishing them with butter anyways. It was kind of like making a grilled cheese in some ways. 

Overall, this was really good. The bread didn’t quite toast up like I had hoped and my eggs got a little more done than over easy but it was a good sandwich. I would definitely recommend this. The type of bread does seem immaterial and I think you could add in other things to change it up. I never tried to pick it up and take a bite as one piece of bread was already falling apart. Plus the eggs were runny. But there is nothing wrong with eating it with a fork and knife. 

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