Chocolate Buttercrunch

Unfortunately, for as much baking as I did on Saturday, I didn’t make everything I had wanted to make which meant on Sunday I was still toiling away. Well, maybe toiling isn’t quite the right word as the two things I made Sunday didn’t require a lot of effort. 

The first one was this – Chocolate Buttercrunch (read the recipe here). It calls it a “dark” chocolate Buttercrunch but it doesn’t say anything about using dark chocolate so over dropped thst word from the title. This was easy to put together. I was able to get it done in the morning before church which let it be able to sit and harden while we were gone. 

Part of the draw of making this was that you could throw anything you wanted to in it. That was nice as it let me use up a few things like the package of pecans, mini chocolate chips, some milk chocolate chips and a package of toffee bits (much like a Heath bar). The last was especially nice as it had been hanging around in the freezer for quite awhile and the recipe mentioned (somewhere) that the end result is often like a Heath bar. I figured adding in some Heath bar buts would work just fine. 

I only have two comments around making this. First, it talks about a “loose pack” of the nuts and chocolate. My loose pack was a fairly small rectangle on the half sheet. After pouring it over the mix and watching it spread out, I should have spread out the mixture more. I had some edges that was just the caramel candy part without any filling. That is okay in its own right, but not what I was going for. And related to that, this sat for quite awhile (several hours) while we were at church and parts of it (the middle) never really got hard. At least not where I was “breaking” it apart. I put it in the fridge for another couple of hours and was then able to break it apart. It softened again a bit, but not to the point where it was melting. 

The second thing was it took a lot longer for the caramel mix to reach 300 degrees than it said. I think that was operator error as I had the heat on medium low, trying not to go overboard. I kicked it up to medium high and the temperature rose more quickly. I’d still recommend keeping it lower so as to not go overboard but watch it. 

Overall, this was great. Everyone loved it and it was pretty each to make. 

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