BAs Best Beef and Bacon Meatloaf

Rounding out the use of the oven last Saturday was meatloaf for dinner. That pushed the continuous use of the oven to about eight hours. But how could I resist a meatloaf with bacon? Plus if it was already on for that long, what’s another hour or two?

I thought this was really good, but meatloaf is a touchy meal at our house. It is (one of) my wife’s favorite meals but she has her own meatloaf recipe (her moms) and any other recipe never seems to measure up. So it was a thumbs sideways from her and if I think about it, both girls seemed to react in a similar way. I disagree. While it was not the most awesome meatloaf I’ve ever had, it was still really good. You can read the recipe here.

If nothing else, the assembly made it interesting. I was very intrigued with the idea that you could put that much liquid in and not have it be a soupy mess. Or not stay together while baking. But it worked. The addition of the broth, blended with the parsley, brought a different flavor dimension. And of course, covering it with bacon is just fantastic.

I couldn’t get my meat thermometer, the one you can leave in the meat while in the oven, to work (I swear I only get one use out of each battery) so I couldn’t take it out exactly when it hit the suggested temperature. Which left me checking it at 70 minutes, the lower end of the suggested time. It was more than done at that point and bacon was starting to get a little extra crisp. Definitely watch that if you make it. Speaking of the bacon, it talked about wrapping it, crisscross, but I just draped it over. My thin cut bacon, bought in bulk, has never come out in nice perfect strips.

I would recommend trying this. As I said, it wasn’t the most awesome recipe but it was still really good.

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