Danish Salted Butter Cookies

I was pretty excited to make these cookies when I first found the recipe. It seemed like a “different” cookie plus it was Danish (I’m part Danish). Anyway, once I got to making these (getting the dough prepped in the morning) I realized that they are not that far off from a sugar cookie. Which was a little disappointing. They no longer seemed that special but I was committed to making them. If anything, they were cool becomes they were rings. 

Now, I have to be honest. I didn’t quite make these exactly as the recipe stated. I only changed one ingredient but the assembly went out the window. You can read the recipe here

Having misread the recipe and not noticing that it called for a vanilla bean, I did not have one. In its place I used two teaspoons of vanilla. Oh and I guess I changed one more thing. Instead of using sanding sugar, I used regular sugar. Which, I am sure, is why the sugar doesn’t standout as much (compared to the picture with the recipe) and why they might not be as golden brown. The egg was I used dissolved the regular sugar. 

For the cutting of the cookies, I used two plain, round biscuit cutters instead of nice, fancy fluted ones which make my rings look boring. But, I didn’t have fluted cutters and didn’t feel like buying some just for this. 

The last thing is that it said to freeze the cookies for 15 minutes, on the cookie sheets, before baking. I didn’t do that.  Two reasons mainly. First, I don’t have the freezer space. While we do have an upright deep freeze, it is fairly full and I didn’t see shoving some cookie sheets in there very easy. And our fridge is a side by side which means I have a very narrow freezer. That wasn’t going to work. And second, it really didn’t work with my timeline. I had a plan for getting a ridiculous amount of cookies, etc. made that day (Saturday) and freezing cookies delayed me from baking. 

Freezing didn’t seem necessary anyway as the recipe states it helps with nice clean edges. That may be helpful if you have fluted edges but my edges were pretty clean to begin with and freezing didn’t seem like it would help. My own problems stemmed from trying to move the rings from the table to the pan while keeping them in their general round shape. Some came out a little more oval than round. 

In the end, all of these changes didn’t really affect the taste. Granted, I don’t know what they tasted like to begin with but they were a good cookie. Not as pretty looking as I had hoped (and my picture is pretty poor) but taste was still a plus. I would recommend giving these a try. 

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