Walter Sand’s Easy White Bread, Take 3

When last I posted about this bread (read that here) I had realized that I had put twice as much yeast in as I only made half a batch yet put the entire package of instant yeast in. This is my attempt at making the full recipe (two loaves) with the appropriate amount of yeast. 

The short version is that it worked very well. The bread rose well, including one air bubble that was stretching the dough to where I thought it might pop on its own if I let it go. The second rise, once it was in the pan took a little longer than I expected it to. Not an issue per se, but I was anticipating that it wouldn’t take as long as it did. Part of that reason may have been how much I handled the dough. It was a little difficult to punch down, and then separate, the dough in the bowl I had used (which was the mixing bowl – fairly tall). 

That also resulted in the loaves being slightly misshapen, as you can kind of see in this picture. The other loaf is bigger (taller) on one end. But the look of it doesn’t change the taste. These loaves still worked very well, were soft and tasted good. Both girls told me that they liked it and the younger even told me how she ate the crust. Score one there as we still have some difficulty convincing both that the crust, of any bread, is okay. 

I am very happy with this recipe and will probably continue to make it as we need bread. It does go bad in about a week so I have to watch the plan for bread (school lunches, etc.).  We don’t use a lot of bread on a regular basis. I am interested in seeing how well this freezes. I may have to wait for the next time I make it as we have plowed through one loaf in only a few days. 

Speaking of the next time I make this, I have an interest in seeing if I can add in, well replace, some of the all purpose flour with whole wheat. While I “get” that a homemade white bread is different (better) than a store bought white bread, I’d like to see a little more of a wheat bread. We shall see how it turned out. 

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