Adam’s Beef Stroganoff 

Disclaimer – I have no idea who Adam is, but he does have a pretty good recipe for beef stroganoff. You can read about it here

If I remember correctly, this recipe popped up in an email from Bon Appetite as part of a list of recipes you “have to know how to make”. Now, we have made beef stroganoff before so I wasn’t too worried about my ability to make it but this looked like an interesting recipe to try. 

I did make a couple of tweaks and I did run into a problem. For the changes, I cut the mushrooms in half. It seemed like an awful lot of mushrooms for the dish and give that 50% of our household doesn’t like them, well, it seemed like a waste. I also chose to use plain button mushrooms instead of the kind it called for. They worked just fine. For the beef, I chose to use a one pound package of beef stew meat which I cut up into smaller (more bite sized) pieces. Yes, that meat is a little tougher and needs to cook longer (think simmering in a stew) but it still worked for this dish. Part of my reasoning was that I needed to use up some of the beef we have in the freezer and I didn’t have a plan for stew any time soon. Although now I’m thinking about it….

As for the “problem”, the liquid (cream and stock) did not reduce by half in 20-25 minutes. Did it reduce, sure. Was it by half, no. I let it go a little longer before deciding to “deal with it” and move on to finishing the sauce. The second problem, which is really an extension of the first problem was that the sauce wasn’t thickening, or at least thickening like I wanted it to. I felt like this was because it hadn’t reduced properly. I added two teaspoons of cornstarch to help it along which it did, but again, not quite the way I wanted it to. In the end I decided it was fine and finished putting everything together. 

Despite the problem with the sauce this was a very good dish. I liked the flavors and the parsley was a nice touch. Whether you know how to make stroganoff or have a favorite recipe, trying this one is worth your time. 

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