Apple Cheddar Squash Soup

This is a recipe that I have had for quite awhile (2009 according to the paper printout of the recipe) and have made occasionally but not recently. It came to mind as we get closer into colder weather (although right now it is unseasonably warm) where meals such as soup become more appealing. You can read the recipe here

This is a very good soup. It is fairly simple to make, although I will say that the prep work takes some time. There is a lot of peeling and chopping that goes on. But the time it takes is fairly reasonable  I typically let it cook for longer than the time allotted to ensure that the various items are cooked and will be easy to chop up. 

Speaking of the chopping, I use an immersion blender (stick blender) instead of trying to pour hot soup in a blender and back out. The stick blender is fantastic. 

I did use prosciutto for the meat as it says. In the past I have used ham and even some lunch meat (also ham) which worked okay. Basically, simply something like prosciutto (bacon!) that adds that crispy crunch and works with the flavors of the soup. And crusty bread is always welcome for dipping. 

I did make one change this time making it which was on purpose but not on purpose. I had decided to skip the apple cider in favor of apple juice only to realize that the kids had drank all of the juice. I substituted water. It worked fine. Any substitution affects the taste but the taste was good. 

I would definitely recommend this soup. 

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