Backwoods Bourbon Punch

It would not be a holiday with my family if I didn’t bring some kind of drink (cocktail) along. The Backwoods Bourbon Punch (read recipe here) is this year’s entry for Thanksgiving. 

Overall it was a good drink although a little on the strong side. Granted that may have been my fault but the recipe does call for quite a bit of bourbon. 

Since I was making this for a party, I needed to increase the quantities. In the end I settled on making five times the recipe and adjusting as needed. Which meat that I was going to increase (maybe decrease) the quantities to give myself easy measurements. Take the bourbon for example – five times the recipe is 30 ounces but 32 ounces is four cups. Much easier to measure four cups than 30 ounces. And so it went. That is why it may have been a bit stronger as I messed (slightly) with the quantities. But it still calls for a decent amount of bourbon in relation to the rest of the stuff. 

I promise there is a cherry in there but I could not get it to rest on top of the ice and/or lemon peel to get it in the picture. I’d recommend giving this a try. 

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