Pecan Pie Bread Pudding

This was a late addition to what I was bringing to my family’s Thanksgiving, or at least as late of an addition as I could make it given that I had to go to the store to buy bread and pecans. You can read the recipe here

According to the blog post where the recipe comes from, it combines the best of two things – pecan pie and br ad pudding. Now that assumes you are a fan of br ad pudding. If you aren’t, don’t bother with this recipe. It is essentially a pecan pie mixed into bread pudding. 

From my opinion, and those that ate it, it was good. I only made one change which was using a loaf of Italian bread in place of the French bread. That works fine but I do have a few thoughts/notes about the assembly, etc.

First, there is a lot (volume) to this recipe. It filled the 8×8 pan and then some. Not necessarily an issue but be aware that it will fill the pan up. And this was after I weighed out the bread to get 16 ounces as my loaf was a little bigger than that. I cubed the bread in about 1/2 to 3/4 inch pieces. 

Second, going along with how much was there, I felt that there was a lot of liquid, even after letting the bread soak. It made me concerned about whether it would bake right. 

And, speaking of baking, I went on the low side of the time suggestion which wasn’t long enough. I was in a bit of a hurry to get things done so I went on the short end. I couldn’t tell if it was done in the middle or not anyway but once it was eaten, which was several hours later, the middle was a little under done. Not in a disgusting, we can’t eat this way, but it needed to bake longer. Definitely go on the upper end of the time suggestion. This may also be related to the amount of liquid that was left. I had hoped it would all soak up/bake up but maybe it didn’t. Maybe there is a need to pour off some of the “extra” liquid if you feel that the bread pieces are sufficiently saturated. 

And lastly, definitely put this on a rimmed baking sheet covered with something (foil or parchment paper). It bubbled over and the pan kept the oven clean and the foil made clean up a cinch. It doesn’t solve the problem of the bottom of the pan being dirty but that can be wiped up. 

In the end, I would recommend this. It is something that I would consider making again. 

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2 Responses to Pecan Pie Bread Pudding

  1. Phillip says:

    This sounds great! I love bread pudding and I love pecan pie.

    Instagram @cooksandkid
    twitter@ cooksandkid

  2. simplydelish says:

    Looks great, whenever I have pecans I always make pecan pie but now I’ll have to consider this dish too.

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