Prosciutto, Pineapple, and Pesto Panini 

Taking a break from the Thanksgiving food for a minute, I tried this out the day after Thanksgiving. This recipe was linked in the larger article back when I made the Buffalo Chicken Grilled Cheese. You can read this one here

This was okay. Not great. There really wasn’t anything wrong with it, I just didn’t think it was very good. Nevemind thst it can’t really be a panini (or a grilled cheese) if there isn’t another piece of bread. So let’s call this an open-faced sandwich, shall we?  And it’s not that it was bad (I ate the whole thing) just that I wasn’t happy with it. 

I made it on the griddle and had to really watch to make sure that I didn’t burn the bread, while making sure that the cheese was melting, etc.  That was the basic problem I had. It was hard to get the cheese melted with the bread not burning. I felt like I kind of needed thicker bread but at the same time less thick as a thicker bread would actually prevent the cheese from melting (more area between the heat and the cheese). 

Anyway, it might be worth a shot. But for me, it just didn’t turn out as I hoped. Maybe if you put another piece of bread on it and actually made it a sandwich (in a panini press), it would be better. 

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