Potato Rolls

While there are plenty of good, pre-made, “brown and serve” type rolls out there that can be used for times like Thanksgiving, I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t attempt my own rolls. I looked through quite a few different recipes before settling on this one. You can read it here

I can’t say exactly what drew me to this one over other except the inclusion of a potato made it “different”. Plus, the effort on it seemed fairly low although once my turkey was done early the effort it took to make these seemed excessive as I r ally didn’t want to wait as long as needed for the various rises. But I did and they turned out pretty well. The dough was sticky when it came time to roll it in to the individual balls. That resulted in the sizes being different. But it still worked out. 

As you can see from the picture, I was able to turn out the entire pan of rolls without them sticking or pulling apart which I thought was great and beneficial for letting them cool. Given the timing of dinner, we did not let them cool per the  in the recipe but they were still good. 

They tasted really good and were soft (which was a requirement from my wife – glad that worked out). While I am sure that the potato affected the overall taste, I couldn’t sit there and tell you that, “yep, there is potato in there”. 

Speaking of the potato, I did peel the potato prior to cooking it and then just mashed it in the bowl before mixing it. I felt that it worked well enough. Plus, I don’t have a potato ricer. I did have a few small lumps of potato that made it all the way through to the end (discovered when biting into the roll). That was disappointing but rare which meant my method still worked. 

I would recommend giving this a try. My rolls don’t look like the picture on the recipe. Part of that, I think, was that my dough was a little sticky (maybe add more flour) which made it harder to get them rolled perfectly. Plus while the rolls were done, they maybe could have baked a little longer to get more of a browned top. 

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