Turkey Gravy with Thyme

Following with the Thanksgiving recipes, if you are making turkey and mashed potatoes, you need gravy. Especially if you are my five year old who complains every time we have mashed potatoes that there isn’t any gravy. She was certainly happy this time. However, not everyone else was as this was mediocre. I really want to say it was good and some just didn’t like it but, I wasn’t a big fan either. Basically, the flavor of the thyme was too much. Way too much. Now, it may have been a little bit of operator error but it didn’t work. You can read the recipe here

Basically, I think I either added too much thyme or left it in too long. Or both. It wasn’t thickening like I wanted it to so I left it going, with the thyme, and that only served to increase the flavor. Maybe a little less thyme or taking it out sooner would have helped. As far as making it goes, I was a little surprised that despite it being called “turkey” gravy, you don’t use a lot of the drippings from the turkey. Most of it is “poultry” stock. For that I used about half from the store and half from some chicken stock I made made previously (chicken carcass, carrots and onions cooked down).  Oh and I used regular flour. I was not about to go and buy yet another type of flour to just use a little bit in this gravy. 

So, give it a whirl if you want. I can’t completely endorse it but maybe it is better with less thyme. 

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